Lenore and Red Out My Window

Lenore and Red
Lenore and Red Out my Window

While Frieda is off barking at someone riding by on a bike, Lenore and Red are interested only in the back door.  They sit watching and waiting for Jon to let them in the house.   Red only wants to be outside if Jon or the sheep are with him and Lenore would rather be resting on  her couch in Jon’s office.

4 thoughts on “Lenore and Red Out My Window

  1. I love your glimpses out your studio window. It’s such a simple blog post, but they are lovely glimpses into your life.

  2. The beauty of this photo is not just in the gorgeous flowers that you can see from your studio window, but in the quiet serenity of the two dogs waiting patiently to have their needs met; Red waiting for Jon and the sheep while Lenore waits to return to the comfort of her couch. Another example of the interaction of these two wonderful animals in Bedlam Farm’s peaceable kingdom!!!!! No matter what happens on Bedlam Farm and with its human and animal inhabitants, it always creates a sense of calm and reality for me. I love the beauty of the photos, the colors of the creativity you and Jon create, and the thoughtful ideas that emanate from this site. Thank you both for restoring sensibility in the world in which we all live. I relish it.
    Fondly, Jane

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