Beautiful Women

Jill in her scarf
Jill in her scarf

One of the perks, that I hadn’t thought about when I started making the Vintage Hankie Scarves, is all the photos I would get of the women who buy  the scarves, wearing them.  With the potholders and quilts and pillows I may get a glimpse of a room or a dog or cat, but with the scarves, I get the whole person.

Jill send me a box with  fabric and two baggies with hankies.    One baggie had hankies in it for me and the other had hankies in it so I could make Jill a scarf as a trade.  She chose the hankies, (lots with the pretty embroidered edges) and I made the scarf.  Jill was good enough to send this photo of her wearing the scarf.    Another beautiful woman in a Vintage Hankie Scarf.

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