Don’t fear Your power


In my dream, I was sitting in a car with a woman who was my sister (not my sister in waking life).  We were in a parking lot next to some woods where she had just buried a bundle of clothes that belonged to a man she had killed.  I was scared and upset by this even though I knew she killed the man in self defense.  Then I was outside the car and a man was attacking me.  He was holding me so I couldn’t get away but I was biting his hand.  A part of me didn’t want to bite down too hard, because I didn’t want to hurt him too much.  But at the same time I didn’t want to hurt him, I willed him to be gone.  He vanished, leaving behind a small bundle of white cloth wrapped around a shiny glowing white bone.  I was still scared, but because my dream sister had done it before me, I knew I would bury the bundle in the woods.

“That’s a power dream”, Jon said, “you don’t know who you really are, you don’t know your own power”.  When I told Mandy the dream before my massage and energy work she said the same thing.  Then she interpreted the white bone as being a symbol of interior structure and interior spiritual strength it made sense to me.

The words I am not my body, hit me like a ton of brick the week before while I was doing yoga. I had heard these words before, but I never knew them until that moment.  I saw my body as being a part of me on this earth, the vessel I inhabit. But the me of me, exists beyond and outside of my body.  Like in my dream, it’s what’s inside, the sacred bone of me.   During my session with Mandy I focused on this idea and the rest of the words I used in the pillow came to me.

I Am not My body
the Stars are my Sisters
Sacred bones
Spirit bones
Don’t fear Your power

This pillow is sold.

4 thoughts on “Don’t fear Your power

  1. The pillow is stunning. I love blue and green, water, ocean, trees and sky. Your dream is scary. I “never” remember my dreams…maybe one every year or two. Then usually only nightmarish ones. Your dream was intense.

    1. It was intense Leslie, and I was scared when I woke up. But I’m learning the scary dreams often are more lessons about myself when I think about them and then they are no longer scary.

  2. Maria, your art is so awesome, so intense, so beautiful, just colors of the rainbow and sky dancing; but your dreams, your interpretations, your words, are really the best gift you give to us. Thank you so much, Annie

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