Healing Donkey, Wise donkey

Wise Donkey
Healing Donkey,Wise donkey

What a day so far.   Joe came to start the floor this morning, then we found out that we  someone  wants to rent the Old Bedlam Farm.  I thought I was too juiced up to work, but then I remembered I had Susan’s pillow to finish.  The perfect type of work when I’m feeling this way.  It didn’t take me long to find the perfect blues and greens.

Susan told me after she saw a photo of the pillow  that she was surprised to see the stars.  She has a dog whose name is Hamal.  Which is an Arabic word for the largest and brightest star in the Aries constellation.   So for the back of the pillow I used fabric with stars on it.back

Healing Donkey
Unlock my Voice
Let My words be Stars
and Light up My night
Wise donkey

6 thoughts on “Healing Donkey, Wise donkey

  1. What a beautiful pillow Maria! Susan will love it! I’m so happy for you and Jon that you found such a nice person to rent the Old Bedlam Farm…it sounds like he’s a perfect match for the farm!

  2. It became even more beautiful, Maria, if that is possible! Absolutely perfect! I am in heaven, so to speak……….along with all the stars! Hamal may even rest his head on it to sleep, if he gets the opportunity!
    A star, resting his head on stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A million thanks

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