Women Who Wear What Makes Them Feel Good

Karen Heenan's Cherry Dress that she made out of recycled fabric.
Karen Heenan’s Cherry Dress

The other day I wrote about the wise advice I got from the owner of Pennywise Consignments in Greenwich NY, who said “Wear what makes you feel good”   I got many  comments from women who felt the same way and some of them even make their own clothes.  Karen Heenan is one of those women.   This is what she had to say about her Cherry Dress.:

“My favorite summer dress is black with cherries all over it and I piped all the seams in lime green. It’s cheerful and it makes me happy, and I wear it because of that, but sometimes I wonder how it looks to other people.

And then I remind myself not to care, because how I feel about me is far more important than they feel about me.”

I can’t imagine making a fitted dress with piping, but Karen is really talented.   Not only does she make her own clothes, but she just left her job to start a new (Made In The USA) business called  Useful and Beautiful,  selling her handmade clothes, stuffed animals, wall hangings and what ever else she thinks up.  I’ve seen her make vests from lace tablecloths, teddy bears from old school uniforms, and children’s dresses from  Vintage tablecloths.

So, wear what makes you feel good and check out Karen’s website (here) and as  Sheila, another wise woman, said:  “Keep sewing and recycling.”



5 thoughts on “Women Who Wear What Makes Them Feel Good

  1. I’ve always thought of your style as “artistic funky”. It just looks so good on you. I think if I dressed like that I’d look like a toad stool:-) Isn’t it wonderful that everyone can have his own style? I think part of this liberation comes with age but I do think that once women leave their teens there is less pressure to conform. Being able to wear your own style is just one sign of a strong woman! I love this cherry dress and also your new one. Hurray for us all as we live our lives to the fullest including wearing what makes us feel good!

  2. When Karen described this dress, I could not imagine it. I don’t think well in images or colors, mostly in words, so thank you Karen for this amazing picture!! This is a BEAUTIFUL dress, I would wear it and I never wear black. I’ll have to rethink that! Annie

  3. Dear Maria, Thank you for suggesting Susan’s comment! I did not get that far in my reading because my partner in business and in life has not got a computer dedicated to business, yet; and he keeps chasing me off the internet to do book work!! Susan has met many like me in her dress shop! I have also not worn a jumper since grade school, and I will rectify that mistake, too! At 58 I no longer believe that a jumper makes me look “too young” or is only for “girls”!! All of you look TERRIFIC in jumpers, with or without a blouse/ top underneath! Annie

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