What To Do With Those Empty Thread Spools

Pat's Cat toys made from empty thread spools.
Pat’s Cat toys made from empty thread spools.

I used to have a whole drawer full of the empty spools from my thread.  I saved them, because, well, because, I don’t know, it seemed there should have been something I could do with them.  When we moved, I threw them all away, and since then I haven’t kept any.  But from now on I’m going to save them again, because of Pat.

Pat wrote to me asking if I would send her my empty thread spools, because she has actually found something useful to do with them.  And it not only keeps her creatively busy, but it keeps the cats at local shelters busy too.  Pat makes cat toys out of spent spools and donates them to cat shelters.  Right now she’s making a bunch  for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

So from now on, all my spent spools are going to Pat.  And all you sewers and cat lovers out there, if you save your empty spools you too can donate them to Pat to keep those kitty’s happy and playing while they wait to be adopted.

In case you happen to already have a draw full  of spent spools that you want to send off,  or if you’re just starting your collection now, you can mail them to:

Patricia Weinkauf
4117 E 15th St.
Vancouver, WA 98661


10 thoughts on “What To Do With Those Empty Thread Spools

  1. Great idea. Maybe I’ll pull a few together for our kitties. Pat, what a wonderful thing you’re doing. Kitties do love toys.

  2. This is a great idea Maria. I don’t think I have any currently empty, but I will save them from now on! And I used to keep milk bottle covers. My kids’ elementary school teachers collected them for math money lessons and I just kept throwing them in the drawers long after I needed to save them. I actually had to train myself to toss them out!

  3. I have made: wooden wriggly snakes, spool dolls and French knitting sets–all great fun for small children, beginning with my own two; and I enjoyed the painting of them.

  4. Knowing how my cats chase the spools when full, this is a great idea. (And since my cats have no interest in them empty, I’ll start saving my spools for her).

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