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My New Business Card
My New Business Card

I picked  up my new business cards from A&M Printers in Cambridge yesterday.    When I think about it, so many people were involved with me getting my it printed.  Oh dear, does it take a community to make a business card? I guess it does for me anyway.   I’m thrilled with the new look and love the  way the texture of the fabric comes through.  And, when I picked them up, I ordered stickers to use on my packaging.  What fun.

13 thoughts on “What Fun

  1. They look wonderful Maria! Over the Moon does beautiful work and I’m glad you could support them this way. You’re right, the cards and stickers are fun!

  2. I love it, I even want to pick the loose thread off from it. Good job and I’m so glad it’s a “local” purchase.

  3. OMG Becky Swaffield…You scooped me! I was going to write “It takes a village”! First thing that popped into my head!

  4. They look great, Maria. So glad you stayed local. I’m a Washington County girl (from Greenwich) that lives in Germany and I am always glad to see people supporting this wonderful county. Was naturally pleased to see your “shopping spree” at the Pennywise shop in Greenwich!

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