My Couch is Waiting for me

My sewing machine in the back of my car.  You might be able to make out Lenore sweet face looking over the back seat.
Picking up my sewing machine . You might be able to make out Lenore sweet face looking over the back seat, she was good company for the ride to Glens Falls.

What a strange week.  It started with us thinking we were renting the old Bedlam Farm to someone and ended with us knowing we weren’t renting it to them.  In between the believing and knowing, we got a new floor in the kitchen, sewed just a handful of potholders and designed a quilt, we went away overnight  to celebrate Jon’s Birthday (what could possibly be better for me than celebrating the day Jon was born) for a mostly restful 24 hours and I spent 5 hours total driving my sewing machine back and forth to Glens Falls to have it cleaned.   Up, down, up, down… was a roller coaster of a week.

Nothing went the way I expected it to, some things turned out better, some worse, and some can’t even be categorized.  But when I think back on it the only things I would have done differently was ask a few more questions and not skip my yoga class. (why is it I always skip my yoga class when I need it most?)

And now, I’m just tired.  I told myself I’d work over the weekend to make up for hardly getting any work done during the week.  But, at this moment, even though I’d love to try out my newly cleaned machine, I can’t imagine doing anything but laying on the couch reading my book.  (The new Jeannette Walls, Silver Star).  So here I go,  I might be back tomorrow to tell you all about the new artist I have for the Open House.  But if not tomorrow, then Sunday.  For not,  my couch is waiting for me.

16 thoughts on “My Couch is Waiting for me

  1. With the title and the picture, I thought it was Lenore looking forward to her couch! You and Lenore enjoy both your respective couches this weekend.

  2. I’m glad you were able to get away and celebrate Jon’s birthday. I’ sure it was relaxing and gave both of you a needed rest from all of the things you do. I’m sorry to hear that the renter for Bedlam Farm #1 didn’t work out. I can just imagine what a disappointment that was for both of you. In the blog where Jon wrote about the renter he was filled with enthusiasm about the plans the renter had for the farm and how much he was looking forward to taking up residence in that special place. Life seems to be filled with ups and downs, disappointments which take form in so many ways. I guess it is the way we all handle those things that make us who we are. I know that you and Jon will bounce back from that disappointment and will rebound in many different and creative ways. Now, you can look forward to the next open house and the chance to meeting old friends and making new ones.
    I’m sorry that I cannot be there in person. Distance makes it difficult, but I will be there in spirit. Use this weekend to read, relax and enjoy life. Take care.

    1. I think you’re right about it being about the way we deal with life’s ups and downs that matters Jane. We are disappointed not to rent the farm but have no doubt it’s for the best. And I know you would be at the open house if you could too!

  3. A friend led me to your blog, in a way, when she told me about Bedlam Farm. Her words were ‘There is a farm, a very famous farm, looking for someone to move in and watch over the animals….owned by author Jon Katz….Bedlam Farms. might be the perfect place to move and start that book. You both have similar thoughts & ideals….maybe you are the one they are looking for….maybe peaceful time at that farm will give you the clarity and direction to start your book or further your blogs.’

    So I spent an enjoyable hour wandering around both of your blogs and wondering, too, where life will lead me, a vet tech who loves cats and ending her day knowing she helped someone take better care of their pet…

  4. So Sorry about Bedlam Farm not renting. It will go to the right people and soon! 🙂 Thank you for letting me know that Jeanette Walls has a new book out. I can not wait to read it!

  5. Time out, Maria, is good. After a busy B&B week and week-end, my wicker loveseat on the porch off my kitchen is also getting a good work-out. And to treat myself, I bought a pocket book at the book store which I’m enjoying, while lying on the couch. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only constant in life is change. Riding the wave of the unexpected; some good, some disappointing, it’s what life is all about. Sounds like a sensible decision but a disappointing one too about the old Farm. It is truly a ‘Grandma Moses’ painting setting and I can’t imagine it not being sold nor can I imagine the stress on you both but someone will come along who loves it as you and Jon have done. Take to your couch with a good book…you’ve earned it this week.
    SandyP in Canada

  6. Have you read JW’s “The Glass Castle”? I found it to be an unusual but hugely interesting memoir.

    Do you remember when she was a correspondent on either CNN or MSNBC? She was good.


    1. I started reading The Glass Castle, when it first came out. But it was during a difficult time in my life and after the first few pages I put it down. I just couldn’t read it. Maybe I’ll pick it up someday. And no I didn’t know she was on CNN or MSNBC. I did like the Silver Star though.

  7. Sweet Lenore! I know she enjoyed herself, too! Thanks for the info about the book you’re reading. I recommend books to friends all.the.time and am always interested in what everybody else is reading. This one sounds very intriguing. I’m gonna check it out!

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