Marilyn Brooks, Painter

Marilyn Brooks and some of her paintings
Marilyn Brooks and some of her paintings in front of Battenkill Books

If Marilyn looks familiar, it because you’ve probably seen her in some of Jon’s videos reviewing his books.   Marilyn works at Battenkill Books in Cambridge NY, but is also Connie’s (the owner of Battenkill Books) mom.  She started painting a few years ago and can’t seem to stop.  Her oils hang in the bookstore and the Ginofor Gallery (owned by Photographer George Forss).  Last year we bought one of Marilyn’s landscapes.  It was in that landscape that I could see Marilyn’s style loosening up and gaining a confidence I hadn’t seen in her work before.

Marilyn has been known to be shy at times, but when I asked her to show and sell her paintings at the next Open House on September 1st she didn’t hesitate.  Then,  she surprised me when I told her it would be great if she could be at the Open House to meet people, even for just a little while.  She smiled and agreed as if she wouldn’t think of not being there.

When Jon asked me why I wanted Marilyn to be in the next Open House  I told him,  I like her paintings and I like Marilyn.  I don’t know her that well, but I know she’s one of those women who hasn’t given up on life and is opening herself up to the world in ways she wouldn’t have done before.   Her paintings are skillful and  confident, yet have a naivete that allow her passion and emotions come through.


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