Common Thread Give-A-Way, It’s Jon’s Turn……

Simon and Lulu
“Simon and Lulu”

In case you haven’t heard, the first (or sometimes second as in this month)  Monday of each month you have to chance to win a piece of art from one of the artists in the Common Thread Give-a-way.  I’m one of those artists and last time it was my turn I gave away a pillow called “The Connecting Tree”.  Last month it was Jane McMillen’s turn and she gave away one of her mini pincushions on her website Little House Home Arts.   In June, Kim Gifford gave away a pack of her notecards on her website Pugs & Pics.    And in October, Rachel Barlow, our newest Common Thread Give-a-way artist will be giving something away on her website Picking My Battles.

But this month, it’s Jon Katz’s turn to give something away. And he’s giving away a photo of Simon and Lulu.   It’s  signed by Jon and matted to fit an 11×14″ frame.   If you want  a chance to win Jon’s Photo leave a comment on my website, yes, that’s right,  leave a comment here on my website, because Jon doesn’t have comments on his website, I’m taking over the this part of the contest. (please don’t email me, it makes it too confusing when we’re choosing the winner) Jon will still be picking the winner who will be announced on Thursday morning.

Good Luck!

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