True Love

True love done

I just finished True Love, but I have no words for it other than the title.  These Applique Pillow have nothing to do with words.

I have someone who may be interested in it, otherwise I was thinking of saving it for the Open House.  Unless there’s someone out there it really speaks to.  It’s $85 + shipping.

7 thoughts on “True Love

  1. When I saw this I realized I had seen the couple in the circle somewhere before. I had to get upstairs and search in a wardrobe … and it is my bedroom curtains 🙂 Now I have an inspiration to make something else of them … when they have finished serving as curtains. Beautiful pillow

  2. This pillow has a lovely Victorian feel. The way you masterfully combined the pattern, fabric, ribbons, lace and appliques reminds me of those beautiful vintage Victorian greeting cards or valentines that are a visual treasure trove of surprises : the more you look at them the more you find. Just beautiful Maria.

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