Who’s Happy?


The strangest thing happened.  As soon as I finished sewing this potholder, I found myself in a bad mood.  Uch, right! I thought, this is a choice, I want to feel this way, irritable and annoyed at everything.  I’m even annoyed at my potholder, especially at my potholder.

And now, even after eating lunch (that will do it I thought) I’m still annoyed, I look at my potholder and I say, okay, okay, I’m choosing to be happy, I’m choosing to be happy and still I feel like crap.  Maybe I need to make another one.  Maybe I felt this mood descending on me and something in side of me was reminding me that I don’t have to feel this way.  Maybe….but ya know what. I’m still not feeling happy….

I know, I know whose going to want to buy a potholder that says one thing and makes you feel just the opposite.  Probably not the smartest thing to post on my blog.  But it might not be the potholders fault, it’s probably just me.  Ya know, don’t blame the messenger and all that.

Well, no use sitting around being grumpy.   Maybe I start sewing these babies together.  Maybe if I got some more work done, then I’d be happy and if not, well, at least I got some work done.

19 thoughts on “Who’s Happy?

  1. Love your posting, Maria…I’m out of sorts myself today and have visions of a little log cabin in the woods somewhere with just my two doggies and me and no-one else to bother me. But it passes. Just ride it through. I’m glad others feel that way too.
    SandyP in Canada

  2. Love the honesty & we’ve all been there. I have a quote in my office that says, “Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” Most times when I look at it, I think yea, that’s me– I’m going to persevere until I overcome this, but every now and then I just think, Yeah, I’m going to persevere myself right on out the road, in the door, and onto the couch!

    It’ll get better– always does. In the meantime, set the potholder beside of Lenore; I bet that’ll do the trick!

    1. Perseverance is a wonderful quality to have Kimberly. Because, in my experience it does eventually work. Even with the moments on the couch.

  3. Got it Maria. Yesterday morning I burst out crying and continued until I had no more sobs left. Why? I haven’t a clue. We are complicated creatures. 🙁

  4. Maria, some days we can Choose all we like and then we just have to be honest with ourselves and admit we feel irritated or grumpy or whatever else, not of our choosing. it happens. and we might ask ourselves where the irritation came from. you did admit it. and your potholder is still beautiful and the choice is still a good one.

  5. oh pleeeeze pleeeeze pleeeeze let this be available – leaning to choose to be happy every moment of every day is my goal at this time – is this for sale????

  6. The only way to start the day! Choosing to be happy each morning will set the tone for the day. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. connected with your post about being grumpy, Maria. I was grumpy too after a frustrating visit with Mom, we just were abrasive to each other, it seemed. (Sandy reminded me that you were also grumpy LOL) Then I was grumpy at myself for feeling bad because I’m normally NOT grumpy…….and I just had to go with it, knowing that it would all eventually pass. Feeling it is important……..knowing that this uncommon state of mind is just another facet of our being. Love that you can put your feelings into words so nicely and that you can share.
    Here’s to a better mood today! Susan

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