Full Moon Donkey

Full Moon Donkey
“Full Moon Donkey” I still have to put a border around this piece.  It’s made from my visit with the moon  and  Simon last night.

It was 2am and I was still half asleep as I made my way downstairs to the bathroom.  But when I saw the moon light filling the kitchen window and lighting up the floor, I was suddenly wide awake.

How could I go back to sleep when the moon was shining on the night like it was daytime. I felt like it was calling to me.  “Look ,” it said “I’ve lighted the night world so you can see what goes on when you sleep, come see what is usually invisible.”   I’ve passed up this invitation before, but last night, without a thought, I walked out the back door.  I brushed the cat hair off the rocker and sat, gazing at the moon and the way it lit up the mist in the pasture.  The crickets were singing as soft as the mist and Route 22 was quiet for a change.

After a while I heard Jon in the kitchen, he came out on the porch looking for me.  When I told him I just wanted to sit with the moon, he didn’t think twice, and after a while more, when I went upstairs to put on a pair of pants and a sweatshirt, he also understood.

I wanted to see the donkeys and sheep at night.  I wanted to enter their world in a way I never had before.  I found them in the side pasture.  They were shadows in the mist, but I could see the donkey’s ears go up as they approached me.  Did they know it was me?  I stood still and let them come closer, I said “It’s me,”  yet they still seemed agitated.  Maybe because I was unexpected, or maybe because it was the night.

The sheep huddled around me then nervously withdrew, and when I squatted they came back.  Tess sniffing my hair, until something I didn’t hear or see startled Simon.  He bucked and all the animals ran away from the woods towards the road.  I stood up and listened then heard the coyotes in the distance, barking and yipping.  The mist was getting thicker, and moving closer,  I could no longer see the telephone pole on the road, or the trees bordering the pasture.     It was eerie and I was glad to be close to the house, the back pasture and woods seemed a scary to me.

And then, Simon was at my side.  He pressed his neck against the back of my legs and circled his head, which was down,  around the front of my legs.  He had never done this before, it felt like a hug, like protective arms around me.

Then he lifted his head, ears up towards the woods where the sound of the coyotes came from, and we stood together, while the sheep and Fanny and Lulu grazed a few feet away. We stayed that way, watching and listening,  I found myself crying and wondering why. When I started to get sleepy, I kissed Simon’s  forehead, thanked him, and went to back to bed.

I’m not really sure what happened last night.  As strange as it may sound, living in the country and surrounded by animals, I felt disconnected from the natural world.  I felt the urge to be in nature in a way I haven’t been in a long time.  To be surrounded by trees or touched by the moon.  To remember that I am a part of it, as much as the soil, and mosquitos, the donkeys and the moon.

44 thoughts on “Full Moon Donkey

  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful! Both your creation and your story. Thank you for taking the time to share with the rest of us.

  2. I think that “Full Moon Donkey” is my favorite of all your designs. Also loved your post, and almost felt like I was there with you and the animals.

  3. I love this piece. I think it is so lovely it should be a wall hanging, or a pillow. It is so special. This piece and your nighttime visit to the pasture made me think of Thurber’s book Many Moons. It is a wonderful story about a princess who was feeling ill and thought that the only thing that would make her well was the moon. If you’ve never read it, you should. I think you would enjoy it.
    Your adventure outside with the animals, with Simon protecting you is soooooooo special. I love your appreciation for nature and how you connect with all living things. Have a beautiful day.
    I would like to buy this piece as well as one of your lace scarves.
    I envy the fact that you are surrounded by nature and can bask in it at will.

    1. I will look for the story Jane. And I think Full Moon Donkey is already sold, but I’ll put you on my list for a lace scarf. Thanks! Loved your story about your grandmother too. She sounds amazing.

  4. Oh, how I long to buy this, but I am sure you plan on keeping it it, or it may be for a very special person–which I guess I am not…but just seeing it has lifted my heart.

    I understand why you were crying. I write a very few poems and each one leaves me in tears because they come from so deep inside of me.

  5. It really doesn’t matter what happened, the miracle is in the fact that it did, and you had that magical, mystical experience, and could share it so beautifully with us, and make us feel like we were there, too. Thank you!
    The Full Moon Donkey piece is wonderful!

  6. Maria, this is an incredible piece from what sounds like a powerful experience! Thank you for sharing it.

    I sometimes take “moon baths” by walking in the light of the full moon.

  7. Ooooooo, Maria,
    This is a really beautiful special piece, matching
    your other worldly experience last night.

  8. Oh Maria. What a beautiful post. I’m not at all surprised you found yourself crying – even your description made me feel that way too. There was something mystical, almost magical, in the scene you describe. Just beautiful.

  9. What a lovely experience to have….. to follow your instincts and go outside and be there with the earth and life at night. And LOVE the pillow (?) you made from it!

    Pat Reid

  10. What a lovely story Maria. I can almost feel how you felt in that moment, the truth of it. Brings tears to me.

    How wonderful that Full Moon Donkey came out of it too – it’s beautiful.

  11. this is such a beautiful post Maria. Simon obviously knew you needed him and he was there. How wonderful that you got to share that moment with him and see his world in a different light.

  12. Oooooh that was lovely to read Maria – it sounds very restoring standing in the pasture with Simon keeping close.

  13. Goodness, Maria. You’ve brought tears to my eyes – in a good way. Made me as misty as the night you describe. And the ‘Full Moon Donkey’ piece is just as mesmerizing. Thank you!

  14. Thank you for retelling this experience! I don’t have the proper words to describe how it affected me…just to say that is was mystical, magical and beautiful and I hope one day I can experience the full moon (with donkey too!) just as you have.

  15. What a lovely piece of art. This short tale of the nighttime had me riveted. You’re a gifted writer Maria. I worked nights for years and my inner rhythms still persist. I get up often in the night and sit on my deck and just listen. The sound is magical. We have many coyotes here and have you ever heard the screams of a fisher cat? Haunting. A full moon at night is a gift.Though not nearly as sweet as a donkey hug!

  16. the full moon and your nighttime communing with the animals and nature certainly inspired a most beautiful piece, this pillow? wall hanging? Its spectacular, Maria. Captures your middle of the night escapade!!! Its lovely. You’ll have to go out and commune more often in the night!

  17. That full moon with the crane flying across its face is stunning. I just love the way you select your fabrics. The donkey- perfect! And your story is poignant and beautifully written. I agree with others on this site who recognize your gift with words as well as images.

  18. Beautiful, Maria. I felt like I was right there with you as I read this. I love the magic and the mysteries of visiting my horses in the night, and that old yellow moon was really something special, wasn’t it?

  19. Maria,

    Will this piece be for sale? Is this going to be a pillow or a wall hanging?

    I am interested if for sale.


  20. Dearest Maria!! What A Prose Poem!! I, too, was out in the moonlight last night, and the night before that!! I love the moon, live on 325 acres with 25 acres of woods (which I’ve never dared to enter at night! Afraid mostly of falling over a log or something, but I bet the moon has bright enough lately to do it!!) and I love walking in the moon light. Your artwork depicts your experience so completely! Annie

  21. I can see you too Maria. Go back soon and we’ll share the moon. I bought three cool solar lights that change colors slowly and put them in our big flower bucket in the front. They are so pretty and mesmerizing to watch on a dark night full of nature’s sounds.

  22. I appreciate your replies, Maria. I’m grateful that your website gives me the space to write and respond to you. As you can see I love to write (and read others’ responses, too). Someday maybe this will give me the courage to take Jon up on his offer to join one of his writers’ groups. Until then, thank you so much as your creativity is a spark for my writing; I can do that and know my ideas are in a safe and accepting space.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. You have so many stories to tell and tell them so well Jane. You are a writer, and you are already writing. You just need a place to do it more consistently, you need a blog!

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