Cathy’s Smiling Face

Cathy McDonald and her pillow "I am not my body"
Cathy  and her pillow “I am not my body”

When Cathy first sent me this photo of her with her new pillow I Am Not my Body she asked me not to post it on my blog.  She didn’t like the photo of her, but wanted me to see how happy the pillow made her.   When I told her how beautiful she looked with her whole face smiling, she changed her mind. She wrote to me:  “Here I am drawn to and loving a pillow that says right on it “I am not my body,” and I am critiquing myself for what I don’t like and entirely missing my own essence, which is my smile and my joy.”  I’m so glad Cathy changed her mind, now we all get to see true beauty.

7 thoughts on “Cathy’s Smiling Face

  1. Cathy, you’re gorgeous! Beautiful smile, sparkle in your eyes, great skin (so unfair!!) *wink*. You and your beautiful pillow are both glowing with excitement and happiness. And I am a wise old woman…I know these things to be true! Do not argue.

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