Our Neighbor’s Harvest

Pork Loin from our neighbor
Pork Loin from our neighbor

Yesterday, when Jon and I were taking a walk, out neighbor ran across the road and handed us a plastic bag filled with frozen pork.  “I really appreciate what you did,” he said,” you really helped me out with those pigs.”

Remember a while back when there were three pigs loose in our front yard and Jon, Red and I  helped our neighbor heard them back into our neighbor’s pig pen?

None of this ever happened where I grew up in the suburbs of  Long Island, NY.   But here in Washington County, it’s not unusual for a neighbor to pay you back for letting him hunt on your land or for bringing them Christmas Cookies, or helping round up pigs, with a hunk of venison, fresh fish, or some  home grown beef or pork.

So tonight, I’m doing the cooking, because Jon doesn’t eat pork.  I’m sure it goes back to his Jewish roots, but he doesn’t seem to be aware of it being a religious thing.  He  has this idea that all pork is fatty, unclean, and unhealthy.  Generally, I don’t eat pork either.  I actually can’t remember the last time I had any.  But it somehow seems wrong not to eat something (within reason)  when your neighbor raised it and presents it as a gift.

And a few minutes ago, Jon came home with a bag of home grown vegetables from another neighbor.  So tonight, we feast on our neighbor’s harvest.  Jon’s a bit skeptical about the pork loin and I’m skeptical about my ability to cook it, but I’ll make a lot of vegetables and if necessary, I can always pull a few turkey franks out of the freezer.


5 thoughts on “Our Neighbor’s Harvest

  1. If all else fails, cut it into chunks and saute it with onions, a can of diced tomato, and whatever other veggies you have. Even his “cultural thing” might not resist the smell of that, cooking.

  2. Oh yum! I hope it turned out as good as it sounds. I am looking for some pig all ready to go in the freezer. There are several up the road from me that I am going to check on. I love pork.

  3. Homegrown pork, lamb or chicken is just wonderful … the REAL thing! This New Jersey girl learned this from FFA (Future Farmers of America) project grown animals after the annual auction at our high school here in Texas! Although we gave away the lambs our daughter raised …

  4. Well after seeing that wonderful piece of pork, and reading Joan Radven’s post, I have to head to the local meat market for some fresh pork. Sounds so yummy!

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