Vintage Hankie Scarves, Keeping Memories Alive

Becca and her Mom
Becca and her Mom, Two Generations of Beauty

Becca’s one of those people I feel like I know, even though I’ve never met her.   She’s been reading my blog and buying my work for years. And when she started her own blog, Becca’s Event Horizon a few years ago I got to know her even better.

I made Becca two Vintage Hankie Scarves, one for her and one she was going to give to her mother.  Even before she got them she wrote about how the embroidered scarves reminded her of her grandmother who always carried a hankie tucked in her sleeve or apron.  This seems to be a pretty universal memory.  Something that is lost, yet for some reason, made enough of an impact on us to remember.

Then Becca went on to write, “The wonderful thing about your scarves besides looking great is that they always get my Mom talking and I learn more about her mom and grandparents based upon memories of the days when both men and women carried hankies.”This is something I hadn’t expected to hear, that my scarves would inspire people to share stories from their past, keeping them alive for another generation.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Hankie Scarves, Keeping Memories Alive

  1. Your scarves are a force unto themselves, Maria. And we proud owners thank you, both for them and what they inspire.

  2. Your blog entries are always so uplifting for me to read. They always make my heart feel like it’s going to bubble over with that happy feeling. I’ve been busy the last few weeks, so I’m behind on reading your blog and Jon’s. I’ve been very negative lately. I think it’s because I haven’t been getting my daily dose of positive energy. From now on I will read at least one entry every morning to get my good vibes flowing!

  3. What stories your creations could tell. I love the scarf I have ~ & hope to be able to buy a lace one someday! 🙂

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