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Bedlam Farm Poster at the Cambridge IGA
Bedlam Farm Poster at the Cambridge IGA

Jon and I just got back from tacking our posters for the Bedlam Farm Open House in the all the local businesses.  Most of them have community bulletin boards and they’re often so jam packed, it’s hard to find a place to pin a poster. We went to the post office, the bookstore, the bank, the pharmacy, the Co-op and supermarket.   Yesterday I sent out press releases to the local papers.  I know we’re going to have lots of people from other parts of the country, but we like to invite our neighbors, who don’t read our blogs, to come too.  Times like this I wish I had a color printer, but I’m hoping the photo of Red and Fanny will be enough to catch someone’s attention.

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  1. Y’know Maria, I was looking at this and having a black and white photo amongst all that color actually makes it stand out more. So it’s ok that you don’t have a color printer ~ although seeing that photo in color I know how beautiful it is!

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