A Scary Dream, A Good Dream

Pour Love into Fear
Pour Love into Fear

It was another one of those really scary dreams that I realized was actually a good dream, once I was awake and no longer afraid.

In the dream, I was lying in a bed and there was a woman next to me.  She was somehow related to me or at least very familiar to me.  Her skin was yellow and lumpy and she was horribly contorted, her limbs twisted and jutting out from her body at impossible angles.    Her mouth was frozen in a silent scream.  I was terrified, my fear was overpowering me, making me helpless.   Suddenly the thought came to me that instead of being afraid of this woman, I would love her.  I would pour every bit of love I had inside of me into her.  Soon the fear was gone, and I woke up.

When I thought of the dream this morning in my studio,  the words, Pour Love into Fear ringing in my head, I saw a girl surrounded by sunflowers.  So, without questioning it,  that’s where I began.  The other words and images came as I sewed.

Pour Love into Fear
Waves of being Keep me Safe
There’s A Pony in My heart

I’ll be making this piece into a pillow and selling it at the Bedlam Farm Open House this Sunday. (click here for more details)   What ever doesn’t sell  on Sunday, I will be offering for sale on my website the following week.

6 thoughts on “A Scary Dream, A Good Dream

  1. WOW!! I am glad that I did not have this dream, but I sure love how your spirit turned this dream around while you were still sleeping! Pouring love into fear is wisdom. Annie

  2. Oh Maria, That dream is so hideous. Goosebumps just imagining it. How you could switch it up while you were still asleep is amazing.Maybe I’ll learn to do that with my nightmares. Often I wake up screaming. I think Rocky will always be in your heart. 🙂

  3. “Pour Love into Fear.” I used this as my mantra at work today. As a home care nurse, I fear that I will not understand what my new patient is trying to tell me due to a disease that compromises her communication. Instead of radiating that fear, I turned that energy into love. It was a great day. Thanks, Maria!

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