Connecting Tree

Connecting Tree
Connecting Tree

This is the last piece I’ll be making for the Bedlam Farm Open House.  I started it this morning.  It’s called Connecting Tree.   I made  a small pillow with a similar image for the Common Thread Give-a-way when it was last my turn.  Since then, I’ve been wanting to try it again, bigger and with more color.

It’s about being connected to the earth and sky and it all coming together at the heart center.  The roots of the tree hug a lotus-like flower and it has stars for leaves.  The heart ,at it’s center, visible through a hole in the tree.  (Just one way for a heart to be opened)

I’ll finish sewing the border on tomorrow, then it will be time to start changing my School House Studio in the The School House Gallery.

12 thoughts on “Connecting Tree

  1. I love the intricate stitching that makes up this tree, and the stars for leaves and the heart and the lotus flower. It reminds me of an ancient, mystical design for bountiful blessing. Annie

  2. Maria,

    Your work continues to grow and amaze. This piece is simple but stunning. And came straight from your heart, no doubt. It’ll find a good home quickly (wish it was mine!).


  3. Maria,
    I love everything about this piece. You are a gifted artist whose work speaks to me and so many. I know this one is for your open house, but if you ever have another, I’d love to purchase it.



  4. The tree is such a gift to see. I amazed and blessed to have seen it. Wonderful heart felt work Maria. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Maria,
    This is so amazing as a piece of art….your talent just continues to grow, ever changing, much like the universe. Best wishes for your continued success and open house this weekend. Teri

  6. sorry I couldn’t make it from California for your open house .. . perhaps some day. Your tree connecting tree is so wonderful!

    I’d love to win the 2 potholders and add them to those I’ve already bought from you. Thanks for the work of your hands and heart. . .

  7. Maria, you are such an inspiration. I loved being in your “space” and soaking up the creativity on Sunday.
    My new scarf will continue to bring me the joy.

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