The Last Stitch


I put the last stitch in the last potholder and turned off my sewing machine and iron.  Marilyn dropped off her paintings yesterday and I lined them up against the wall, getting ready to transform my studio into a gallery.  My Pink Knight Quilt and pillows  finished, I gathered the art that was already in my studio for the open house and lit a candle.

Time to stop and make the transition from two intense weeks of creating to preparing for the show.  An alter of art, not all of it, but a representation of what would happen next.  Making space for what comes next.  Different from creating, details that seem to have nothing to do with art and some that do.   Remembering to put business cards in with purchases, packing up the fabric from my shelves into boxes, getting change from the bank, sorting out hankies for Kim to make into scarves during the show, knowing that the sales tax on scarves is less than the sales tax on a painting, testing the Square on my iphone.  Trusting it will all come together.

A small ceremony seemed right, to mark the transition.  I put on Krishna Das and sat in front of my alter then found myself  moving to the music.  A flow of yoga happened, like a dance.  Soothing my body and my mind,  stopping my thoughts for just a little while.  All is done for now.  Rejoice in the work, the art that will bless this space over the next few days.  Because art, like any good work, is sacred.  It hangs on the wall, or is draped on the couch or spoken out loud, not just because it’s pleasant to look at or hear, but because it reaches deep inside of us and tells us about ourselves and each other.  If we listen, if we want to know.  And it can bring us together, like it will this Sunday at Bedlam Farm.  I hope you’ll join us.

9 thoughts on “The Last Stitch

  1. Wishing you another joyful and beautiful open house day….wish we could be there but we’ve just returned from a little vacation in VT and leaving Cape Cod on a holiday weekend is a challenge.
    It does seem such a wonderful way to share your love and creativity with so many, and most certainly your open hearts and farm make the world a much better place.

  2. Maria,

    Is that Queen Flo I spy, curled up on a vintage hanky, in the framed photo on the wall next to your beautiful “Donkey Moon” piece? I can’t imagine that it won’t sell during your Open House, but if by some chance it doesn’t, I’d be interested! (I should probably ask how much it’s selling for, too!)

    Have a wonderful Open House,

    Kathleen M : )

    1. It does look just like Flo, Kathleen, It’s Marilyn Painting, I’d have to ask her who it is. But I’ll be in touch with more info if it doesn’t sell.

  3. Beautiful things Maria…I especially like the wonderful wall hanging of the donkey in the moonlight. Just splendid.

    Thank you for sharing your meditation/celebration ceremony with us. I appreciate that you felt moved to do this. It surely added to everything that is there giving the pieces a special sense of you, and the other artists, of your energy in creating them as well as sending them off with joy and purpose.

    May all go very well for all of you. Wish we could be there.

    Barbara Y.

  4. Maria, this is so beautiful. I have to tell you your Donkey in the Moonlight is calling out to me. I can’t wait to see it Sunday. Namaste

  5. So sorry Iwas a little to far away to come
    Sunday. I love the photos and the love.
    I have ordered from you before. Pot holders for myself,daughters and sister -in- law.
    Cool purse for me. More in the future.
    Thanks Maria.

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