Minnie And Her New Friend

Minnie and the sunflower

Today I caught Minnie hanging out with her new friend.  No, not Wiggles the dog, but the Sunflower that she’s constantly rubbing up against.  Last week, when I first saw the relationship blooming, I made a potholder about it.  It will be for sale at the Open House on Sunday.

minn and new friend

4 thoughts on “Minnie And Her New Friend

  1. Smart Minnie. She’s just becoming part of the furniture there, so when the birds start picking seeds from the sunflower, she can start picking off the birds. :)

  2. Hi Maria,
    I love your art, it is so amazingly beautiful! I’m glad to see Minnie is still around. Flo seems to be the star attraction. I remember Jon mentioning at one time that Minnie was an affectionate creature but he did not seem interested. Perhaps Minnie should become a bit bolder and compete with the Queen for his affection.

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