School House Gallery, So Far


I too tired to write about it, but here’s what my School House Gallery looks like so far.  I’m still waiting for Kim’s work and I’ve even moved some stuff around since I took this photo.  There’s more pictures to hang on the walls this time, so I had to do things differently than I did for the last Open House.  We’re selling five or Jon’s Photos (last show we only sold one)  and have Marilyn’s paintings along with Kim’s Photo collages.  And when Fran brings her  mini gardens Sunday Morning, they’ll go right outside the studio door.  Okay, I know it’s only 8:30, but it’s bed time for me.  I’ll finish up tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “School House Gallery, So Far

  1. It looks great so far. You’ve got a busy weekend ahead, go to bed early and rest up for it.

    I wish we didn’t live so far away, I’d love to come up for one an open house and look at everyone’s creations.

  2. Oh, Maria! Visualizing does not come easily to me, so I did not realize how the wood in your Studio SHINES! What a beautiful space for an artist who creates so much beauty! The art hanging and placed all around really stands out against the polished woodwork. Everyone who sees your Schoolhouse Studio at the open house will be blessed! Annie

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