A Tour of my School House Gallery at the Bedlam Farm Open House

tour 1a

If you come in the door of my School House Gallery and turn to your left, this is what you’ll see.   Two of Marilyn’s Paintings, Tea or Espresso and Pink Lillies  and my Vintage Hankie Scarves.

tour 2

As you move around the space my pillows are on my pink chair.  Next to it is one of Fran’s mini gardens.  On the wall is Jon’s photo Queen Flo and her Court.  Beneath it will be Kim’s note cards and unframed prints.  A couple of Kim’s framed prints will hang next to Jon’s photo also.

tour b

Next you come to some of my patchwork potholders and two of Jon’s Photos, Holy Apple Tree with Red and Copper Trout Gallery.

tour 3

As you get to the back of the Gallery (Where the black board would have been), there’s a table with Jane’s Mini Pincushions, and one of her Hen Doorstops and some of Jon’s Note Cards.  In the space to the left of the table will be more of Kim’s Photo Collages.   On the wall pictured, is two paintings by Marilyn, Sleeping Cat and Berne New York.   In between are two of Jon’s Photos, Gathering Storm at Bedlam Farm and First Light at New Bedlam Farm.  On the small table to the right are some of Jane’s Autumn pincushions.tour 4

The shelf in the corner is mostly filled with Jane’s pincushions, wallets, and Doorstop Hens.  But there’s also Mary Kellogg’s Poetry Books and some more of Jon’s note cards.   My big potholder wall is to the right.  It’s a mix of Minnie and Hen and patchwork Potholders.

If you keep walking you’ll come to Kim, who will be sewing scarves made from Vintage Hankies that the customer gets to design.  And right before you get back to the door, you’ll see me, taking care of the business end of things.  I’ll have a calculator on my ipad and the Square on my iphone so I can take credit cards.  I’ll also have my money box (which is an old shiny green padded box, that I  recently learned is actually a hankie box!) for cash and checks.

On your way out the door you’ll see the sign for the Raffle of Jon’s galley for his next book The Second Chance Dog, A Love Story.  And tomorrow, when you step out the door you’ll see Fran’s Mini Gardens lined up in front of my Gallery.

I hope, if you don’t get to see it in person, you’ve enjoyed the tour.  I’ll try to remember to take some pictures this time, but I know what usually happens, once you all start to show up, it’s hard to think about anything else but what’s happening right in front of me.

9 thoughts on “A Tour of my School House Gallery at the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. It looks so cheerful and inviting Maria! I wish I could go to the open house, but now I don’t feel like I have totally missed it. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

  2. Maria-
    It is so nice of you to do this tour for those of us who are unable to attend the Open House. I enjoy seeing how you have turned your studio into a gallery. It is wonderful to see all the creativity on parade. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Maria is the quilt gone? I was hoping to run over today and have a look at it. I need a great wedding present and was thinking maybe your quilt.

  4. How nice to have a photo tour of the studio since I’m not able to be there in person. But I’m there in spirit. Have a blast!

  5. Thanks for the tour Maria. I couldn’t wait to read both of your blogs to see how the Open House went. Everything/body looks wonderful and inviting. Can’t wait to make it in person sometime!


  6. Maria, Your interior studio space is the perfect backdrop for your colorful art. Those beautiful warm buttery brown wooden walls and floor – it reminds me of being inside a giant cozy acorn. And you arranged everything so lovely within the space.

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