A Very Full Day

After the Show.
After the Show

Well, I did it again.  I completely forgot to take photo’s during the Open House.  So this is all I have to show, my School House Studio with empty shelves and tabletops.

But this photo in no way reflects the fullness of the day.  The whole farm including my studio,  was filled with constant crowds of people.  I’m to exhausted and close to it to say to much about it right now, except to say thank you to everyone who came and everyone one who couldn’t come and wished us well.


7 thoughts on “A Very Full Day

  1. Dear Maria, Thank you so much for all the pics and explanations you put up before the show!! I love seeing all the art arranged in your schoolhouse studio. Annie

  2. but I think this picture TOTALLY related the fullness of the day! How could all that beautiful product be gone if not for a full day of happy people coming through and buying!! XOXOXO

  3. Thank you for the little report, Maria. My heart was with you all yesterday and I am just so grateful to be a part of your lovely community, even from far away. You and Jon give so much to make the world a lovelier and more loving place.
    Hope you have caught up on a little rest!

  4. What really struck me about this picture was not only how beautiful your schoolhouse studio is, but also how it has evolved into a “working gallery”…what a wonderful place to display your finished art, right where it was created!

    Kathleen : )

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