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When Pat read that my pillow True Love was sold, she asked if I could make something similar for her.  She and her husband are having their 35th Wedding Anniversary in September and she thought a Rocco Romance Pillow would be the perfect gift.  So I looked through my fabric and found I had another piece with one of those romantic couples and told Pat I’d have the pillow to her for in time for her anniversary.

So I have a deadline, I’m going with Jon next Tuesday to  Palo Alto, California where he’s giving a talk at the Humane Society  (I am so looking forward to getting away, even if it’s just for four days!), so I have to have the pillow in the mail by Monday.  After meeting with Mandy and Athena and Kim, this morning at the Round House Cafe, I got to work on the pillow.

This is what I have so far.  But it’s 5:30 and I’m not seeing straight anymore, so I’ll come back to it tomorrow and see what I think about it then, make the necessary changes or adjustments and start sewing.  Looking at it now, I’m thinking it’s kinda strange, but in my heart I know it’s no stranger than the rest of my applique pillows. But then, when it comes to these pillows, the stranger the better.

I LOVE YOU detail
I LOVE YOU detail

5 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. This is just right! I love this Maria. The pattern has a 35yrs. feel to it. I bet you won’t change much of this. It’s awesome. They will love it.
    I don’t spose we’ll ever make the 35yr. milestone. But we’ll keep it in the day and sure have fun trying. Your trip will be fantastic. Just what you both could use right now. You’ve been working so hard. (I’m still on a Bedlam high!)

  2. Love your elements in the formation of the pillow! It will be cherished. Def. shows celebration and happiness with the gold threads intermingled.

  3. This is magnificent, Maria! You must have been looking at it too long. A fresh view of this pillow is VERY romantic! And I love your blog about your open house and your open self!!! Annie

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