The Second Chance Dog Raffle

My Frieda, the second chance dog.
My Frieda, the second chance dog, with Jon’s new book about her.

Jon and I are off to Palo Alto California for four days.  Jon’s giving a talk at the Humane Society, and I get to tag along.  I was just remembering how just a year or two ago, when I went with Jon on his book tour, I would have to gather myself.  I’d be aware of doing yoga in the hotels and remembering to blog, afraid I’d lose myself in Jon’s world.  I’m happy to say, that thought doesn’t even cross my mind anymore.  I’m so glad to be going with Jon, glad for the mini suedo vacation and secure in myself.  I’ll probably still do some yoga (especially after the plane ride, although we are going first class, bless their hearts) but I won’t be blogging (vacation means no work, right?) And I’m not afraid of losing myself.  How grateful I am for that.

I’ll be back on Saturday and announcing the winner of the of raffle on Sunday September 15th.    So if you haven’t already entered and still want to there’s time.

For $3 per ticket, we’re raffling off a signed galley of Jon’s newest (and yet unpublished) book The Second Chance Dog, A Love Story.  (For those of you who are wondering a galley is a copy of a book that gets sent out for publicity before a book is published).  The money for the raffle will go to Hubbard Hall’s Scholarship Fund.  This helps local kids, who can’t otherwise afford it, to take art and writing and dance classes.

You can use the PayPal button below or you can send a check made out to Hubbard Hall and mailed to Full Moon Fiber Art 2502 State Route 22 Cambridge NY 12816.


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  1. Have a great time Maria. I’ll miss your blogs and FB so much. When we go away we don’t take computers. It’s a break from the techno world. Time to communicate with each other even if it’s with comfortable silence. And now hear this…we will never,ever,ever lose ourselves in someone else’s world. Never. 🙂

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