Blue Ribbon Wool

The award winning yarn Suzy spun from Socks' wool
The award winning yarn Suzy spun from Socks’ wool

A couple of weeks ago Suzy Fatzinger (you may remember her from a couple of the Pig Barn Gallery Shows)  texted me that she was entering Socks’ wool, that she hand spun, in her local fiber festival.  A few days later she texted me again, it went like this:

Suzy:  I wish I could tell you in person, I won first place! (yes, there is actually a comma in Suzy’s text message)

Me: Wow wow ow!!!!!!!!

Suzy:  I got a BLUE ribbon, and so did Socks.  I knooooooooooww!

Suzy said she spins her yarn by feel, that she has no technical understanding of how her wheel works, it’s all intuitive for her.  We vowed to each celebrate by having a treat for us (ice cream for Suzy, a chocolate covered macaroon for me)  and a treat for Socks (two apples).

While the blue ribbon was actually given to Suzy for her spinning, she told me that the judge’s comment about good drafting consistency has to do with the processing of the wool.  So Socks earned her two apples.

The judges notes on
The judges notes on Suzy’s Spinning and Socks Wool

I’m getting my second batch of wool back from the Vermont Fiber Mill next week.  Last time I gave Suzy some of Socks’ roving to spin.  This time she’ll get some of Suzy’s wool.  After all, Suzy the sheep was named after Suzy Fatzinger.    Congratulations Suzy and Socks.

Suzy Spinning at the Collective Arts Winter Gallery last year.
Suzy Spinning at the Collective Arts Winter Gallery last December
That's Socks on the far right and Suzy is standing next to her.
That’s Socks on the far right and Suzy is standing next to her



7 thoughts on “Blue Ribbon Wool

  1. Dear Maria and Suzy, THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! NYS FAIR BLUE RIBBONS ARE HARD TO EARN!!! And I love all these pictures. So, you both do your work intuitively…. must be the sign of every creative artist. Annie

  2. Thank you Cindy and Laura!! Annie I did not win at Rhinebeck’s NYS Fair, Oh wow that would be so huge it that happened. I entered in the NJ Garden State sheep breeders festival… It’s a small festival compared to Rhinebeck, but it’s growing every year. Still great fun to have won, I was thrilled, a blue ribbon is a blue ribbon ….. Yay for Socks her wool was lovely to spin, looking forward to Suzy’s 🙂

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