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It was the end of July when I told Cathy that I thought I had enough yellow fabric to begin working on a quilt for her.  After buying my quilt Walking in Circles  she wrote to me and asked if I could make her a yellow quilt.  All different shades of yellow.  Yes, I answered immediately, what a wonderful idea, I love yellow.  (One of my Pinterest boards is called Yellow and has everything yellow on it)  Actually making the quilt took a bit longer, (like two months longer) but I knew when I woke up this morning that today was the day I would begin it.

I pulled out my stash of yellow fabric and got to work.  About an hour and a half into it, I knew I needed more yellow.  I wasn’t sure what I needed, just that I didn’t have enough.  And I kept getting this feeling that I’d get what I was looking for at It Makes Cents, the thrift store in Cambridge.  Unlike The Pennywise Consignment Shop  in Greenwich, this thrift store is more chaotic.  Clothes are jammed onto racks and there’s stuff everywhere.  When I ‘m there my eyes never stop moving, knowing I might be missing something good that’s right in front of me and I just can’t see it.  I got some stuff then headed over to Yesterday’s New Mercantile.   This is more of a junk store, but Cindy Chambers (if you read my blog, you’ve seen Cindy’s comments)  told me she got a nice vintage shirt there for $1.25 when she came to the last Bedlam Farm Open House.  Daniel, the shop keepers son, (he must have been two or three years old) followed me around with his peanut butter sandwich and helped me pick out all the yellow clothes they had.

So now I have a nice pile of yellow clothes on my studio floor.  I realized, of all the clothes I bought,  I only used the first pair of yellow pants I saw in It Makes Cents in the quilt.  A big bright yellow pair of capris with sparkly pockets.  I have no doubt it was this pair of pants that got me out of the studio in the first place.

Somehow, knowing I had more yellow fabric than I could ever use in the quilt made it easier to design.  I remember reading a book about building stone walls and it advised having more rocks to choose from than you would use.  Some advice transcends materials.  I think it just feels good to know it’s there in case I need it.

Next step is cleaning up the piles of yellow clothes on my floor, then to start piecing the quilt together.

A piece of the yellow capris with the sparkly pocket
A piece of the yellow capris with the sparkly pocket

12 thoughts on “Yellow Quilt

  1. I had forgotten how much I love yellow! Rubber ducks, ducklings, baby chicks, the sun (which was prominent in all my remembered childhood drawings), color of my house, flowers, butterflies, plantains and bananas. I could go on. Love this quilt, it is an inspiration and warms my senses. Merci!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Yellow has always been my favorite color and I only found out after my dad died it was his favorite color too. It is lovely and cheery.

  3. Maria, that little boy was in a playpen being watched by his 13yr.old cousin who was also minding the store!(parents in the back room) He also brought me out his new mini-doxie puppy for me to carry around while I shopped! The no see ums were feasting on my legs the whole time. I also got a long sleeve all cotton “Orvis” brand yellow and black small print shirt. It had a really nice yoke in the front. $2.00!
    Only up country. You’d never see a 13yr.old trusted like this down here. It reminds me as a kid when my Mother would go off to auctions or such and one of us was relegated to watch the shop. We hated it. We’d see cars slow down and say, “keep going…don’t stop.” (from inside of course.) My father was the worse offender!

    1. Oh lucky you Cindy, a mini-doxie puppy. It’s true what you say, maybe because it’s farm country, the young kids around here have lots of responsibility.

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