The Sun in my Eyes

Red Out My Window
Red out my window, where later today I’ll hang a curtain to keep the sun out

I noticed it yesterday when I sat down at my computer to blog.  The sun was in my eyes.  At the beginning of the summer I took the curtain off my window.  There were leaves on the tree and the sun no longer came through that window.  Yesterday, there were still leaves on the tree, but at 4pm,  there was the sun making it impossible for me to see my computer screen.  Also, the sun is coming through my  south facing windows, heating up the studio in the afternoon in a way it didn’t in the middle of the summer.  It’s lower in the sky,  warming up my studio and hunkering down for winter.

This time of year is like the early spring,  heat on in the morning and open windows in the afternoon. But I don’t have the screens on (I moved them into the house when I put the air conditioner in) so the flying bugs find their way in.  A giant wasp with cob webs hanging off its legs and tiny gnats that fly in my eyes and mouth.     Every morning I think today will be the day I keep the heat on and windows closed, but it hasn’t happened yet.  Guess I’ll have to get the screens out again after all.

Soon the leaves will fall off the trees and I’ll  put the storm windows back on.  It’ll get dark by 4pm and I’ll get tired by 7pm.   I’ve been in the studio just about a year now, and I’ve experienced all the seasons, and how they affect space.   I would think spending so much time indoors, I wouldn’t be as affected by the change of seasons.  It’s not like I’m a farmer or house painter, then the weather and time of year dictate your work.  Living with animals makes the change of seasons a bigger and more noticeable part of life, but I think I’d be aware no matter where I lived.  Even if I’m not aware of it, it seems to be aware of me.  The gray winters can get me down and drain my energy as much as the first days of spring fill me with hope and the desire to be outside digging around in the earth.

But today, the sun is hot and the sky blue.  The green leaves are still on the trees and the insects are swarming like it’s the middle of summer.  I’ve lost my urge to work in the garden, but am happy to light a fire in the wood stove on the colder nights.  I adjust, just like the rest of nature, especially when the seasons take their time changing, giving me a chance to get ready for what to come.

9 thoughts on “The Sun in my Eyes

  1. So true, Maria. I was noticing today that whole trees have turned yellow overnight – so it seems. I do miss summer, but loved pulling out a beloved sweater…

  2. It’s always a surprise when the sun rises and sets on a new axis—or seemingly so. I love autumn like no other. It releases us from the promise of summer; languid days enjoying the spent blossoms. Just when I was going to chop down the standing, dried stalks of black-eyed susans, I saw a bevy of finches feasting on the seed pods. A good excuse to wait for the rain to begin. I love these seasons!

  3. Maria, your writing on the seasons and how they affect your life remind me of Walt Whitman’s poems. I am affected in many of the same ways. Annie

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