Fall Vintage Hankie Scarves For Sale

Foliage Scarf
Foliage Scarf   ($50) SOLD

These scarves are a bit special to me.  Jon bought many of the hankies I used in them especially for me to make scarves from them.  Some of them have a fall motif.  They are sold out. I have 6 of these scarves and am selling them for $50 + $7 shipping ( $11 in Canada).  I also have two white scarves for sale that are special in their own way.  You’ll see what I mean when you see some of the detail photos. They are $45 + $7 shipping ( $11 in Canada).

So, if you see something you like, just let me know. You can email me here or at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

Fall Flower Scarf
Fall Flower Scarf ($50)  SOLD
Hummingbird Scarf
Hummingbird Scarf (the bottom panel of this scarf has a hummingbird on it) ($50) SOLD
Bunny Scarf
Bunny Scarf ($45)  SOLD

Below are two details from the Bunny Scarf

bunny Scarf 2 detail  052  bunny Scarf 2 detail 2  053

Flower Scarf
Flower Scarf ($50)  SOLD
Red Scarf
Red Scarf ($50)  SOLD
Lady in a Bonnet  ($45)
Lady in a Bonnet ($45)  SOLD


Below is a detail of the Lady in the Bonnet

lady in bonnet detail

Purple and Pink Scarf
Purple and Pink Scarf ($50)  SOLD





6 thoughts on “Fall Vintage Hankie Scarves For Sale

  1. Maria, I think these scarves are just beautiful. If you haven’t already sold the red scarf, I’d love to buy it. It would go so well with my brand new red shoes and purse. Altogether, they would make a cheerful, fall picture.
    I haven’t written lately because I have so much to share with you that I need to really sit down and compose a meaningful email.
    Your trip to Palo Alto sounds really interesting and the best part of all is that you got a chance to rest and relax in a lovely setting. The insight you had on how you present yourself in new situations was most meaningful. I can identify with your initial feelings about meeting new people. My mother was a very strong woman and when I was young and went someplace with her I often felt like I was going to blend in with the walls. It took me many years to find myself and feel comfortable in my own skin.
    You, however, should not forget that you are a strong and vibrant woman. You are a “fiber artist” whose talent and creativity is reaching people all over the world. Your personal warmth and ability to connect with others is more than admirable; it is a gift and one that should be cherished. Your insight into the world, your connection with animals as well as people is something that is special. I relish the fact that I am able to learn from and connect with you even if it is only online.
    Wishing you a happy and special day.
    Love to all at Bedlam Farm.

  2. If you still have the “flower scarf” available for purchase, I would love to send you a PayPal check. Please let me know if it is still available! Thanks, Maria! Have a relaxing “end of summer” weekend, Luanne :))

  3. Oh dear…I’m late once again. Maria, you are amazing! Each scarf is beautiful, as always. I always seem to just miss the sale of the scarves. Jane is very fortunate to get the red one. It is stunning!

    Well…as always…lovely work and I’ll keep watching.


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