An Entomologist’s Wall Hanging

Michael on his porch with the Wall Hanging
Michael on his porch with the Wall Hanging

It was Michael’s friend Lindsay who sent me the fabric, but it was Michael’s mother that the fabric belonged to.  Laura Israel lived in New York and in New Orleans, she was an artist and from what I’ve heard, a wonderfully wild woman.   I was fortunate enough to get to know her through her friend Lindsay and through the fabric she used and collected for many years.  It’s because of Laura, Lindsay and Michael that I started making applique pillows and wallhangings.  Because along with the boxes of fabric were tons of ribbons and appliques.

When  Lindays first sent me the fabric I made potholders for her and Michael.  A few months later Lindsay asked me to make an Applique Wall Hanging for Michael’s Birthday.  She told me a little bit about Michael and asked that I use some of the fabric  and appliques that had meaning for him.  Then she directed me to her daughter’s blog Design Twig. ( which is really a neat blog)  Here was a whole picture article on Michael and his Louisiana Home where he works as an  Entomologist.  (which is why I put the butterflies in the wall hanging).

Lindsay was good enough to take this photo of Michael with the Wallhanging.  She said he shows it and the potholders to everyone who comes in the house.

I still have lots of Laura’s fabric and ribbons and I think of her and Lindsay and Michael  every time I use some.

The Potholders I made for Michael from his mom's fabric
The Potholders I made for Michael from his mom’s fabric

4 thoughts on “An Entomologist’s Wall Hanging

  1. I suppose this is Michael’s arrangement and that the skull was that of an alligator. Whatever, it is a wonderful moving three -D collage. What great fabrics, so full of life in their own way. Your potholders have found their way to a home full of whimsy and interesting artifacts. The arrangement is a piece of art in its own way. I love it.
    Your talent helps bring out the creative spark in others. What a gift that is!
    Enjoy your day.

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