Kimberly’s Clothes on my Back Porch

Kimberly's box of clothes
Kimberly’s box of clothes

Yesterday I came home to find a really big box on my back porch.  I was only expecting one thing in the mail so I knew it must be clothes from Kimberly to  make into a quilt.  When Kimberly asked how big the quilt would be I said it would depend on how much clothes she sent me.  We settled on a full size quilt, but that was before I saw this box of clothes.  With all that’s there, I could probably make a quilt big enough to cover my studio floor!

It’s great to have so much to choose from.  I’m excited to dig in and start working.  I’ll have to wait though.  I still have to finish Yellow Quilt.  There’s  just not enough room in my studio for two quilts at the same time.

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