Trade With A Poet

Freedom Woman
Freedom Woman

This morning I got an email from the poet Veronica Hallissey.   She said of the piece “…it squeezes my heart.”

So we’re working on a trade.  One of her wall hangings for Freedom Woman.    I’m thrilled because she liked my words so much.  Great praise from a poet.   I’m not sure which of Veronica’s wall hangings I’m getting yet, but I’ll be sure to post a picture of it when I do.

One thought on “Trade With A Poet

  1. I absolutely love the colors of Freedom Woman. They grab your eyes leading you to the thoughts expressed in the center. Your mind is so full of so many creative thoughts. I love looking at what comes up online from you. Your mind is constantly moving, sifting through so many ideas that take so many different forms. You are a gift.
    Have a colorful day.

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