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Socks' Roving
Bumps from Socks for sale

I sold out of Bedlam Farm Wool pretty quickly this fall.  I had a long list of people who wanted it and anyone who  was on that list who didn’t get some of this batch, I’ll be contacting  in April when the Spring batch is done.  (Ah, somehow we just bypassed winter and are already talking of spring!)

I do have two bumps from my sheep Socks  for sale. (It was Socks’ wool that my friend Suzy won a blue ribbon for spinning.  The judge said the wool had “good drafting consistency” and would make “very warm mittens and gloves”) They are 80z each and are $25 + $10 shipping.

For those of you who are wondering what a bump is, its the wool before it’s spun into yarn.  It’s for hand spinners, although I had one woman buy a bump that came from Zelda to use in her hook rugs.

So if you’re interested in a bump or two, just let me know here or at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.


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