Ernie The Dapper Dog

Ernie the Dapper Dog
Ernie the Dapper Dog

This is not something I do.  I don’t do drawings of people’s dogs.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it, just that I don’t have a desire to do it.  I don’t even have the desire to draw my own dogs.   It just doesn’t interest me.

So this morning, when Barbara sent me a picture of her poodle Ernie in a red hat, I laughed and downloaded it onto my computer, just because I liked looking at it.  Then I went to work tacking my Yellow Quilt not thinking about Ernie at all (or so I thought).

But then it happened, I just couldn’t stop myself.  I put down my needle and yellow yarn and picked up a pencil and piece of scrap paper.  Two or three quick drawings to make sure I could do it, then I hit the sewing machine.  Ernie flowed out of my like I knew him my whole life.

Suddenly I could see a series of potholders, Ernie visits Bedlam Farm, picnics with the chickens and makes friends with Minnie.  What would Flo think of him in his red hat?

So now I see, this is not about drawing Barbara’s dog.  It’s about Ernie and who he is.  It’s about Barbara’s photo of Ernie and how she sees him.  It’s about this new thing I have for standard poodles, something I don’t quite understand. (although I’m sure Jon would have fun explaining it to me if I really wanted to know) It’s about a new face in my potholders. Because in a way, Ernie did visit the farm this morning.  Maybe not in person, but in a way, he’s still here and I think he’s gonna hang around a while.

The photo of Barbara’s poodle Ernie

8 thoughts on “Ernie The Dapper Dog

  1. I LOVE Ernie the Dapper Dog:) Seems to fit right in and definitely a potential series. Ernie is definitely dapper – poodles usually are so perhaps he represents the “essence of poodledom”. I wonder if there is a Red Hat Society for Poodles and Others of the Canine Persuasion….


  2. Dear Maria,
    It is so much fun to Ernie The Dapper Dog on your blog. I know he will have a very wonderful time at Bedlam Farm meeting ALL the inhabitants and making friends wherever he goes. He’s a very likable (dare I say) LOVEABLE guy.

  3. I’m in love!!!!! I remember two years ago when I inquired if you could do a piece on Maverick. He hadn’t been gone for very long. It just wasn’t something you could do, you told me. I respected you for your honesty and strength when I got that reply. Seeing this poodle, I seem to understand your response even more today. I don’t know why but I just do. You continue to be a power of example to me.
    And now this has reminded me that I wrote you about a little black poodle pillow with all those appliques you got a while ago…yup…I just dropped the other shoe. Didn’t you know that was coming?
    The Ernie piece is outstanding! Soooo sweet. :) Cindy

    1. I don’t remember you asking me to make a piece on Maverick, Cindy. But I do remember the Poodle applique piece. I’ve had parts of it on my desk for a long time. It just wasn’t working. Then you said something about a piece of star fabric I used in someone’s piece. Now I think I know how to at least start the piece. So I’ll get to it, but it’s good to get a reminder too. Sometimes I think it’s been so long you wouldn’t want it anymore.

  4. Oh Maria, it was a sketch of him I asked you for. You were doing some sketching and even tried out your watercolors! I don’t remember what you painted but it was impressive.
    Don’t stress on the poodle applique piece. It was going to be a small pillow. I get it. I know your style a bit. I would wait for George’s UFO to bring me my little pillow if need be.
    I feel sad right now about Minnie. That she’s comfortable is first and foremost.

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