Valentine Poodle

Poodle Valentine Pillow

It took a while before I was able to fill Laurel’s request for a poodle applique pillow.   But when I finally did, it seems like it was just the right one for her.   I knew about her two poodles Jasper and Phoenix, but not much else.   Just a few days ago Laurel sent me this photo of the pillow on her bed.   And an explanation of the symbolism she found in it.   It goes like this:

” The pillow has symbolism that you intuitively or consciously put in. The two poodles are Jasper and Phoenix, of course. The repetition of four buttons symbolizes the four poodles who we have had the honour of sharing their lives, the three hearts are our family, always three – Fred, myself and our poodle. The roses symbolize our love of our garden and how important it has been in our shared lives.  And of course, you did not know at the time, that we were married on Valentines Day.”

These connections do seem to happen from time to time.   I tend to think there are threads that connect us all and sometimes, through my work, I hook into them.  It’s always such a joy for me to know that something I made could have such meaning to someone.

7 thoughts on “Valentine Poodle

  1. This is great! I love the fact that some of the symbolism is so intuitive/empathic for you. How cool is that?! I happily added Full Moon Fiber Arts to Just Ponderin’s ‘Blogs I’m Lovin'” list today (As a hopeless technology-phone, I’m learning so much from Jon’s class, which I affectionately call, “blog school”) So I’m hoping others will find their way to the amazing work you show here – both yours and others’. What a great, creative space you’ve created on-line :))

    1. Thanks Lisa, I haven’t yet, but am intending to add you to my blogroll too. It just takes me a while to do these things sometime. I tend to procrastinate on the technical stuff.

  2. It’s pretty amazing that all those elements are in the pillow you created. Somehow you do seem to have just the intuition you need to make this happen! It’s wonderful to read these lovely stories that you receive about the items you create and send out to the world with love.

  3. The pillow came three days after Fred died, so it has that added dimension that I did not put in my email to you. He was able to see the photo you provided earlier, and just smiled, the kind of husband smile that says “this is for Laurel, and if she loves it, I love it.” He really, really admired you from afar, Maria, as he did all strong, determined women.

  4. Yes, he was exceptional. The wisest person I have ever known. He was one of those people whose presence fills rhe whole room. If he rationale part of me knows he is gone. The emotional part, not so much.

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