Sweet Minnie, Tough Minnie

Minnie by the bird bath
Minnie by the bird bath

I thought Minnie was dead when I saw her leg sticking out of the crack in the barn door.   We hadn’t seen her all day and were worried because the sounds of a cat fight woke us up around 4am. When both she and Flo didn’t show up for the afternoon feeding, I started seriously  looking around.  Poor Minnie, she was hiding in the hay bales, not dead, but not wanting anyone to find her either.  I reached into the small space and pulled her out by the scruff of her neck.  She didn’t utter a sound or move a muscle.  I held her close to me hoping I wasn’t hurting her.  Minnie’s rear leg dangled like it had nothing to do with her.

Now it’s dark out and in my mind I’m seeing Minnie as we left her at the Vet, drugged after the x-ray with her leg wrapped in a tiger striped bandage.  Tiger she is,  she got away from what ever bit her and damaged her leg so bad we’ll probably have it amputated.  We think it may have been a Tom cat that went after Minnie, but we don’t really know.  We do know that tonight Minnie’s safe and we put Flo in the basement, just in case, what every it is, comes back.

I’ve known a lot of three legged animals and they all seem to do fine.  Its  like they don’t know they’re supposed to have four legs.   And as sweet as Minnie is, she’s also tough.  A few days ago I caught Minnie and Flo sitting together on the same rocking chair.  Seems like things are always changing.  Sometimes the changes are small, sometimes big.  I don’t know what this change will bring.  But I know right now I’m feeling really protective of Minnie and I’m going to do everything I can to make her life as good as possible once she gets home.  Sweet Minnie, tough Minnie, I have a feeling , eventually, she’s going to be just fine.

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  1. Hoping she will be good as new! Prayers and hugs dispatched from the Great Northwest! Hang in there, Minnie, Mom says you’ll be fine!

  2. Would you ever consider letting her be a house cat after her surgery, that is, if she wanted to be? I sure hope you and Jon catch whoever the critter is that damaged her.

  3. Maria – I have three barn kitties (all girls) and one big male kitty who has to stay indoors because he beats up on the girls and I have had many other cats in the past. In my own experience whenever I have had a cat at the vet and they have had surgery and then they are brought home the other cats act like they have never seen their buddy before. I had two sisters spayed a week apart and when I brought each one home the other one would hiss and growl. I have always had to separate the sick kitty from the others for about 48 hours. I think they smell different until the anesthesia wears off. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Also raccoons are vicious and will kill cats. So sorry. My babies are good about coming back to the barn and I lock them up at night because of all the predators around us.

  4. i say with you on her side Maria Minnie will do just fine. Sweet tough Minnie. tell her georgia is sending lots of healing and hugs her way,

  5. I have a feeling Minnie will be just fine as well. I’m glad you found her, though – they do go off by themselves when they know something’s wrong and if you hadn’t found her in time, she might not have made it. I’ve known plenty of tripod cats (and dogs) and after a period of adjustment, or sometimes not even that, they get along just fine.

    She’ll just probably be even more of a chicken than a cat now. All my cats and I send our best to you and Minnie.

  6. Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery for Minnie. I’m sure she will do fine, and hope you all get through this, Maria, without too much worry. I know how stressful it must be. Minnie is a strong girl!

  7. I know that strong protective and loving feeling of holding an injured four legged baby in your embrace – needing to protect him/her from whatever cruelty is out there …. I also believe that they know you care and love them through their sickness/pain and it helps them to heal. I have also had 3 legged “kids” and they do just fine – not having the same vanity or feeling sorry for themselves that we two leggeds do. Sending best wishes for Minnie to have her surgery and return to her loving home.

  8. So sorry to hear of Minnie’s troubles. But I do know that animals seem to bounce back rather quickly from such trauma. As my vet said once animals aren’t hampered in their recovery by self-conscience nous or vanity. They just get up and get to the task of learning to live life with three legs instead of four. Wishing the best for Minnie, and for you and Jon. Althea

  9. Minnie will be in my prayers! Our dog Cassie has a football knee injury that is trying to heal and meanwhile she has been three legged for sometime…They do amazingly well on three legs to be sure! I am glad that she has you and Jon’s support! Hang in there! jane

  10. Four legs good, three legs sometimes even better. A barn cat we fed when I was a child on a Lithuanian farm, back in the 1940s, fought a stranger dog and my foster mother took him in and amputated his hanging leg herself. Kitchener, so named because he became basically an indoor animal taking up his resting place behind the solid wood stove in the kitchen, slowly became a member of the family. He ignored the dog, a Dalmatian, and was friendly to all–especially the cook.

    Watching your husband discover that cats , sheep, chickens, are as interesting as the rest of life on this earth of ours is a fascinating read and I thank you both for it.

  11. All my good vibes are being sent to Minnie and her humans. Sad way to find her, but so glad you did. My man, who grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa, said they had a 3 leg cat who never slowed down. Hugs Minnie.

  12. My eyes filled with tears as I read this, Maria. Barn cat or not, Minnie is a sweetie, and I know she is your special one. I have a feeling Minnie’s might, and the loving care you and John give all your animals, will bring her through and home to Bedlam Farm.

  13. When I was a teenager, we had a Siamese named Agnes who was a roamer, and always out. She came home one morning with a broken leg, and it was amputated. Yes, she got around just fine, but the difference was that she became a close, snugly, affectionate house cat. To us, it was her saying, I know that you helped me, and I thank you for it.

    Thinking good thoughts for Minnie’s recovery.

  14. Hello,
    I am interested in the potholder above – Minnie by the bird bath. Is it available for purchase?
    Thank you.

  15. So touched by how you write about Minnie and her injury. She’s a sweet kitty. Yes, lots of cats and dogs do just fine with 3 legs. If that is what is in store for her, I’m sure she will adjust well to it. Keeping you in my prayers.

  16. I’m so very sorry about Minnie’s terrible injury. Most of us cat lovers have had similar experiences with a beloved pet.
    Thank you so much for caring for her in such a compassionate way. And best wishes for her successful recovery!
    From Fran
    Jericho, Vermont

  17. Maria…she will be fine. One cold morning, my daughter got in and started her car. Unbeknown to her, our Topaz was under the car hood, it was a cold night. Well, one of the belts under the hood severed his leg. He took off running, but found him laying under a bush with a dangling leg. My nephew named him Tripod after that. But all to say, he did amazingly well!

  18. 2nd eMail.

    I had a talk with friend who runs a cat rescue center here in Delaware.

    If you are committed to saving Minnie she will probably have to now be an indoor cat. Unlike dogs cats give up suddenly and quickly. Because she may have phantom pain in the missing leg for up to 2 years she may get very depressed–needs lots of company and talking to and cuddles if she is that kind of cat. Watch again for her hiding away; it’s a bad sign. It may be very iffy but if she goes don’t feel bad–you will have done everything you can do.

    My very best wishes and loving thoughts tio her and you.

  19. What tender moments I see with you and Minnie. She will do just fine. Pity though, of the outcome of the fight, darn other cat. I also have an outdoor cat, and know the dangers, yet they are happy and free outdoors. All the best wishes for a quick recovery for Minnie… my thoughts are with you all.
    Good luck at the Adirondack Museum, Maria!

  20. Minnie is fortunate to have such wise and loving owners as you and Jon.
    Absolutely the decision you made is the right one. I’ve seen many three legged dogs and cats at the vet and they seem to do just fine!
    I believe that the love we show to animals makes us better humans in the long run. They give unconditional love and are wonderful companions for the length of their lives. Minnie is a brave and loving cat. In the past, Mother seemed to have been the dominant one, and Minnie seemed to come into her own after Mother left. You go, Minnie. Bravo. Get well and hurry home to those who love you; I suspect even Flo misses her.

  21. Maria, how extremely difficult to see Minnie this way. Sometimes I hear catfights in my neighborhood. They are so scary to hear. I want you to know that Minnie is in my thoughts and prayers. I, too, have seen many animals with 3 legs – they really do fine like you say.
    With Love,

  22. I shed a few tears for Minnie, but how lucky she is to have you loving and caring for her. It’s always wrenching to see them sick or hurting. She is a baby tiger and that spunk will get her through. Thinking about all of you, especially tomorrow when she has surgery. Much love.

  23. Something tells me that Minnie will be fine and that she will adjust. Most animals – especially farm dogs and cats – learn to compensate for whatever changes. Plus, she has you and Jon – and Flo – to look out for her. It may be that Minnie will acclimate to the house a little more, but it will work out.

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