Having Fun at the Adirondack Museum

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What a blast.  I had such a great time at the Adirondack Museum Fall Festival.  It was packed women with husbands, families with little kids, college bound teenagers, groups of men and groups of women.  A few of them, like Miriam and Melanie are blog readers (the first thing they did was ask about Minnie) but most had come to see the museum and Fall Festival.   Little kids stood around me and patiently watched as I sewed a potholder of Minnie and Flo having tea.   I explained to quite a few people that I was stitching free hand and I wasn’t using a computer program.   I talked to women about the hankie scarves and they told me their stories.  We talked potholders and Plaid Friday.  Most of the men who came in were more interested in the old horse drawn fire truck, that was on display in front of where I sat,  explaining how it worked to wives and girlfriends and kids.  But many of them turned away from the truck and came to see what I was doing too.

Melanie and Miriam
Melanie and Miriam

I had two breaks during the day once to use the bathroom and once when  Miriam and Melanie watched my things so I could check out the group of quilters around the corner from where I was.  Everyone was talking about the wild women quilters.  They lived up to their reputation.  Warm and inviting they explained their work from painting on fabric to intricate quilting  designs created by using their drawings reflected in a mirror.  Other than this, I didn’t stop for six hours.  I sewed and talked and listened and demonstrated.

It was affirming to have so many people, most who had never heard of me, sincerely interested in my work.  One woman from the quilters group looked at my work and said, ” Oh yeah, it looks likes you’re really having fun.”  And she is so right.

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