Minnie is OK

practice for Waiting for Minnie potholder
Practice for “Waiting for Minnie” potholder

Happy to say Minnie is out of Surgery and doing well.  Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words.


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  1. Oh yay I’m so happy – I thought about you guys and Minnie throughout the weekend – so glad all went well – I can’t bear to take my dog to the groomer so can imagine how you felt – you guys are great. – I know Minnie will be Iin good hands with you

  2. great news on Minnie. From huge dog lover to cat convert,I love her name,and her coat colors. The coat color/personality connection has been studied and verified by the way.
    Any chance you might make a design of Minnies face/patterns of color,in a kit that could be mass produced(a few thousand), with her name in your handwriting,and we make these ourselves? We have a local quilt shop to sell designs,and everything needed. Then make one with Zelda,then each animal face in a series!
    You are not a charity of course,so there’s a great business idea for you! While perhaps a percentage of the proceeds on the cat pothoders could go to Alley Cat Allies out of Maryland, as we head into the national feral/stray cat day this month.
    Getting that mean feral cat fixed,vaccinated and fed,vs killed might actually prevent future aggressions.The “vacuum effect” ,where other cats go into that territory anyway,if that cat is gone, is explained on their website.

  3. Maria, I’m so glad all went well with Minnie’s surgery. I know that you have a great veterinary practice and that they took every care with her. It’s so hard to see one of your animals hurting and it must be a relief to know that despite the coming adjustments, she will heal now and will be better. Wishing peace to everyone at Bedlam Farm.

  4. Maria, never be ashamed for your feelings for Minnie. I read what Jon wrote. One reason you resonate with a lot of folks is how you do feel about living creatures. Then you have a fantastic art ability, we all love that, besides your feelings are so appealing.

  5. Maria, I think my friend, Kathi Swindell may have forwarded to Jon the Tripawds website (tripawds.com) which is a support forum for canine and cat amputations. Kathi’s dog Murphy ran out one night at their cabin in Idaho, got hit by a truck that kept going and the eventual outcome was amputation. Now Murphy is a tripawd and learning to cope very well. You may have had others make this suggestion. You just never know what’s around the corner, do you, when you get up in the morning. It will be an adjustment for you all with Minnie.
    SandyP in Canada

  6. Hey Maria, glad Minnie is going to be OK. I remember when River came home from his surgery he had trouble figuring out the literbox. It took a while but he got the hang of it eventually.

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