Shearing Time Again

sheep 2  137

While Minnie’s in surgery, the sheep are getting shorn.  The Shearer Jim McRae just left and now the sheep are looking trim. It’s a warm and windy day, sun and rain and dark clouds taking turns coming and going.  I took off my long sleeved shirt and thought it’s a good day not to be carrying around a ton of wool on your back.  Once again,  I’ll skirt the wool then Jon and I will make our pilgrimage to the Vermont Fiber Mill to have the wool processed and in April I’ll have more yarn to sell.

For now, here’s a little before and after of the sheep:

zelda b4  129  zelda after  130

Zelda’s always the first to be shorn.  Just so we don’t get any of the white wool mixed up with the brown wool.

suzy b4  127  suzyafter  133

That’s Suzy, she gave Jim the hardest time.

ma b4  125  maafter  134

Ma was easy to catch.  She looked longing out the gate after she was shorn.

tess b4  126 tess after  138

Tess is really the friendliest sheep who is always trying to eat my jewelry and hair.

socks b4  124 socks and tess after  132

Socks is also very social, after they were both shorn she was giving Tess a good sniff.

7 thoughts on “Shearing Time Again

  1. Beautiful colors! I raise Navajo Churro sheep and love the many colors. Also glad that Minnie is/will be on the mend. I don’t comment much but I do enjoy your blog every day.

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