Healing Alter

Day of the Dead Cat Pillow Cover by Karen Heenan
Day of the Dead Cat Pillow Cover by Karen Heenan

Minnie’s coming home soon.  We set up a crate in the Living room for her and got her some wet cat food to give her her pills in.  When I got the mail today I found the pillow cover that I bought from Karen Heenan last week.  It’s a Day of the Dead Cat and I knew, when we realized Minnie would need to have  her leg amputated, that the pillow cover would somehow play a role in her healing.  Now it’s an alter cloth.  I  placed it on top of her crate with the crystals I found a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a new beginning for Minnie.    I no longer question when I have an urge to create such an alter. I just do it and let it work what magic it can.

6 thoughts on “Healing Alter

  1. Dear Maria,
    Continued very best wishes for Minne’s recovery. She is bound to do well because of your strong, loving committment to her and her love for you and her trust in you.
    Love from Fran

  2. Maria, I’m glad the pillow arrived so quickly – I think it’s your love that will heal Minnie, along with her excellent vet care, but I agree, when you have the urge to create something like Minnie’s altar, do it. The act of creating such a positive thing can only help her, and you.

    I saw that they had her in one of those satellite dish collars. That’s going to be fun – my cat Lily was in one for about 2 weeks after a big surgery a few years ago. If you scratch her under the collar, she’ll love you forever. Not that she doesn’t already.

    1. I’m really not sure who the alter is really for Karen. I know it works for me. And yes, I took Minnie’s collar off and have been scratching her neck. You can hear her purr across the room.

  3. And it will work magic, I know it. Minnie can’t help but heal with all this love and positive energy focused on her. Serendipitous that the pillow would arrive today. It’s gorgeous.

    My vet used to use crystals. She’d determine with a pendulum how/where to focus the energy and what kind of crystals were needed. She’d surround the cat with them and it was astounding to see them get very calm and fall asleep, especially at the vet’s office. And especially my cat Miss Mousey who was afraid of everything. She was in a practice with all male vets and they had fits when they found out she was doing this. She’s left this practice and now has her own and I have followed her even though it’s 45 minutes away. I hope she resumes doing this.

    1. Too Witchy for those those male doctors Sally. I’ll keep the crystals around Minnie now for sure. Good for your Vet for leaving for the won practice and for you for going to her.

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