Garage Sale Weekend, Cambridge NY

My Latest Stash
My Latest Stash

Columbus Day Weekend is Garage Sale Weekend in Cambridge NY.  So all you people out there thinking about coming the the Bedlam Farm Open House Columbus Day Weekend 2014,  there’s the extra added bonus of buying a lot of stuff you may or may not need for very little money.

Before having lunch with Tess, I hit Athena’s yard sale.  I got some pink and blue sheets for my potholders and streaming pieces, a fall leaf table cloth which I may or may not use as a table cloth, two pink wooded boxes that belonged to her daughter, which I have no idea what I’ll do with, but just kinda loved and a statue of a dress on a dress stand with a flower on it’s neck.  Just like something one of my Everyday Goddesses would wear.

After lunch Jon and Tess and I hit the Knights of Columbus sale, where our friend Jack was in charge.  I got some clothes for quilts and potholders an ironing board and a floor lamp all for $7.   We have to work something out with Jack for next year so he can help at the  Bedlam Farm Open House as usual and work the Knights of Columbus sale as he does every year.

The two giant flannel  duvet covers with sunflowers on them came as a gift from Tess.  She loves to snuggle under one of the quilts I made her that has a flannel back and thought I could use these for some of my new quilts.

Today’s the last day of the town wide garage sales, I may just have to hit them one more time and see if there’s anything I missed.

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