Minnie wants to be free

minnie wants to be free

Seems like all I could do today was make Minnie at the window potholders.  I made seven of them, each one a little different, the ideas flowing like the curtains.  Then Jon called in the middle of it all.  “I have an idea for a potholder” he said.  Sceptical, as I always am when given an idea for my work, he said, “Minnie wants to be free”.   Sometimes I think ideas are in the air and we just pluck the out or not.  It was really what I had been doing, only I didn’t think of it in those words.  Then Jon told me the words were mine, I said them to him a couple of days ago.

So that’s what I did today, started my series of “Minnie wants to be free” potholders.  I’ll give them to Kim to finish up (with plaid backings)  and they will all be for sale on Plaid Friday.

6 thoughts on “Minnie wants to be free

  1. I relate to Minnie! I have been “down” now for over a month with two extreme reactions to my treatment strung together… I will have to create a “Jane wants to be free” wall hanging! I think it is wonderful how well she is doing with one leg and she is an inspiration to me for sure! Thanks Maria, for sharing her story and how you have supported her to become free again! It is good stuff to be sure! love you, jane

    1. I’m sure it will be a healing wall hanging Jane. Hope you’re feeling better and up an about soon. Although I’m sure you’re getting lots of good work done as you do.

  2. Beautiful “potholder!” I love fabric art. Creativity. A wondrous way to express oneself. I love cats too. Amazing how all kitties love looking out of a window. And looking in too…a window, a glass sliding door:) And love laying in softness & in the warmth of the sun. Minnie is healing well. Now, apparently needs a little “physical therapy.” Blessings <3.

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