This Morning at Bedlam Farm

sheep and donkekys

That’s Zelda and Ma taking a break together while everyone else grazes.   I’m making some potholders for Plaid Friday.  So far they’re all about cats and chickens looking longingly out windows and at falling leaves. Guess I’m missing Jon a bit.

4 thoughts on “This Morning at Bedlam Farm

  1. I’m sure that you are missing him. And you’re using your creativity to work through that which sounds extremely healthy. I’m sure they will be very meaningful.

  2. Looks like all is peaceful and well at Bedlam Farm today. I understand the longing…the reunion will be oh, so sweet! Great photo….we don’t often see Zelda resting.

  3. Hi Maria,

    I love your site & enjoy reading your posts…Love the pictures of your work, too. I was able to set a pic of one of your pieces as “wallpaper” on my phone. I’m a sometime quilter and maker of fiber art & appreciate the process. Thanks for sharing your work & life with us!

    Keep stitching,

    San Marcos, Ca

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