The wool, the hat and the hankerchief


I gave Suzy (who Suzy the sheep is named after)  one of Socks’ bumps to spin into yarn then make me a hat from.  We would do a trade.  Suzy had a duck hankie from when she was a kid.  I would make her a scarf using the hankie.

I got the box on Friday.  Inside were a bunch of small plastic baggies, each one had a little treasure.  Half the   skein of Sock’s hand spun yarn that Suzy won a Blue Ribbon for at the County Fair.  A small  piece of  turquoise roving from her goats and bunny. (When she texted me about the roving weeks ago I said I’d love to feel it.  She replied,” I can take care of that”). A small Chichi woman  from Curacao (the happy-go-lucky, curvy, old and smarter sister) A hankie with a blue flower on it and beloved duckie hankie .  And the hat.

“Does the hat fit,” Suzy texted, ”  I’m worried that you’re going to look like you have a mushroom on your head.”  Suzy decided to add some other yarns that she had to the hat, her son Sam helped pick out the colors.

I immediately tried on the hat and am happy  to say it doesn’t look like a mushroom and I love the colors. (Suzy lives in Pennslyvania and I’ve only met her son Sam a few times, but he somehow seems to have an idea of what colors I like).   I’ll be wearing the hat today when I skirt the wool from this falls shearing.  I like the idea of wearing a hat made from the wool of the sheep whose fleece I’m cleaning.

And now it’s my turn to own up to my side of the trade.  To make Suzy a Vintage Hankie Scarf  with a blue flower on one end and a duckie on the other.

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  1. Maria, I also have some old linens with embroidery, etc. if you are interested in having them. Just let me know and I will be happy to send them to you.

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