Two Scarves and a Cup of Tea

3 scarves

Sometimes I can’t wait to blog.  I have an idea that just needs to be expressed in words.  Sometimes blogging fits comfortably into my day, I sew, I blog, I sew, I check my email, I sew, I blog, I sew…… Sometimes, when I come up with a new idea I can’t wait to put it up on my blog and see what kind of reaction it will get. Then there are days, like today, when the idea of blogging seems like an interruption to my work.  I’m there, in the zone, and I don’t want to stop for anything (except lunch, I always want to stop for lunch).

I also always want to stop for dinner.  Actually dinner  marks the end of my work day in my studio. And by the time I’m done with dinner  I usually just want to sit down with a cup of tea and my book.  And sometimes, I actually do that.  But tonight I was in the middle of sewing my second scarf together when Jon called to say he was starting to cook.  I went in to help chop the veggies, but I didn’t drain my iron or cover my machine.  I knew tonight I’d be back,  at least finish the scarf I was working on.

I’m making the scarves for Michelle, who sent me a whole box of family linens.  And I used a bunch of them already, but there’s a  lot left for me to make more scarves and…oh…who knows what.   Some of the linens, which have gorgeous embroidery on them, are not quite right for scarves.  It’ll be fun trying to figure out how to use them.  When I do, that’ll be one of those days that I can’t wait to post a photo on my blog.

So here I am, finishing up my day. I sewed together two of the scarves, but the third will have to wait till tomorrow.  Now it’s time for that cup of tea.


scarf 1

scarf 2

11 thoughts on “Two Scarves and a Cup of Tea

  1. As always, Maria, it’s sweet to see how you take lovely items, put them together and make something even more beautiful. As you did with my hankies fro, my Nana, they mean so much.

  2. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I scrolled down to the entry – looked at the pic – and said OMG!! I know that stuff!! I know there were many things in that box that were not scarf material but I knew you would be the perfect person to figure out what they were for!! XOXOXO

    1. Oh Michelle, I’m am so glad to hear it. I always get a bit nervous when I make something for someone. There’s always the chance they won’t like it. Like I said, I’m so glad you do.

  3. Hi Maria,
    My mother gave me some pillowcases she had kept that had beautiful 3″ wide borders of tatting. I took the borders off and added them to cafe curtains which wouldn’t have to be washed as often as pillowcases. You could use some of those linens in creative ways and maybe make something for yourself – like curtains!

  4. Dear Maria, the scarves are beautiful, and I love the description of your day!! I also love to stop for lunch and dinner!!! Annie

  5. I look forward to your blog Maria. It always brightens my day just as Jon’s does. I’m glad you enjoy writing it as much as I do reading it! And the scarves are lovely ~ all that old lacework that you don’t see much of any more.

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