Minnie And Her Hen Friends

Minnie and hens

We left Minnie out foe a while this afternoon.  When I went to find her to bring her back in the house. I saw she was quite comfortable, hanging out with her hen friends in the barn.  Soon Flo came over and sat in the sun just a few feet from Minnie.

6 thoughts on “Minnie And Her Hen Friends

  1. It’s wonderful to see Minnie back in her element, and thank you for the updates. Gotta love that spirit. May she soon be back to sitting on the hens’ eggs! I love how you and Jon “listen” to what she’s conveying and respect that.

  2. I can’t sleep tonight thinking of Minnie. She is in my heart. I came here for peace & found it. Thank you, Maria. Your caring from your heart even goes to the barn…Minnie comfortable on the sheepskin! <3 Pleasant dreams, Minnie. Safe & warm. Purrrrrr ~

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