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Last week, my friend Diane  sent me an email saying she knew someone from a local news station who might be interested in featuring me and my work on her series called Today’s Women.  It’s about women in the Albany area who have started their own business or done something special in the community.

I was thrilled.  This morning I sent a few paragraphs to the station about my work and why I love doing it.  I have to admit, that as much as I write about my work, when I sat down at the computer I had no idea how to start of what to say.  I finally got one or two lines down then asked Jon for help.  We talked a bit which helped clarify my thinking then I got to work. I was much more nervous about the whole thing than I wanted to admit, to myself or anyone else.

I finally sent off my paragraphs and just got an email back saying they’d love to do the show on November 8th.  Excited and nervous, I checked the calendar and checked it again.  November 8th is the day Jon is giving his Ted Talk in New Jersey and I’m going with him.

The Ted Talk is important and I want to be there with Jon, but this interview is important too…Oh…what to do……

So I emailed them back telling them I’d be out of town and are there any other possible dates.  (I checked with Jon first, since he’s been on the other end of such transactions.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t totally screwing it up).  Now, I’m just waiting to hear back.  And yes, I’m still nervous and excited about it.  Jon texted me (he’s having lunch at the Round House with a friend) “We’ll make it work if there’s a problem”  Just the encouragement I needed.


12 thoughts on “Today’s Women

  1. This is just the recognition you deserve, Maria. You are such a hard worker, in addition to being so very talented. Successful businesses need both.

  2. Woohoo – so proud of you! of course they want to shine a spotlight on you! The timing will work out – very exciting indeed!

  3. Maria, Hope you are thinking of more fiber art of Minnie’s saga. How nice an exhibit, a montage. And especially to go into Jon’s book on Minnie. For sure he will be writing one…her memoir:) And! There is so much to bring in with the dogs & Minnie. And chickens. Anyway, just some thoughts, as I so liked your pot holders of little Minnie loving the barn & wanting to be free. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful idea! And congratulations on the interview. I know it will all work out and your show will be great!

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