Blooming Vacuum

My latest Quilt Hope Blooming
My latest quilt “Hope Blooming”

I hate to do it, but every once in a while I have to get the vacuum out and  suck up all the loose threads, dog hair and dirt and dust from my studio floor.  I put it off for as long as possible, but when I’m getting ready to back a quilt, well…the vacuum has to come out. I work on my floor, laying out the top of the quilt the batting and backing, so it has to be clean.

I don’t know why I’m so adverse to vacuuming, my floor is small enough and the vacuum does a good job.  I guess it goes back to when I was a kid and we had one of those canister vacuums that you drag around and never seemed pick anything up.  All that work and no satisfaction.   My favorite part of vacuuming is pressing the button that pulls the cord back into the vacuum.  I love to watch the cord disappear,  like a snake finding its way back home.  And then, of course, it means the nasty task is done.

After vacuuming, I did get the quilt backed.  I started tacking it, but I need to get some pink yarn.  I had some pink in my yarn drawer, but it wasn’t quite right.  I’ll try to get some over the weekend and finish up the quilt on Monday.

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  1. Vacuuming has never been a favorite chore of mine either. I’ve been very fortunate that, with the exception of the few years that I was home with my children, my husband has done it. At least in our previous home I had central vacuuming which was much easier than pushing/pulling a machine. One of my problems was that everything looked fine for such a short time:-)

  2. I hate vacuuming too…..hate cleaning altogether! I think most creative people do. 🙂 Love the new quilt, Maria – it is so cheerful!

  3. This quilt is lovely Maria.It feels bright and happy. But did you have to spoil the magic with the dreaded vacuum? I don’t even know where mine is. I think in the basement. I’ll do anything to avoid this task. At least you find one positive element. My cord doesn’t suck back in. it trips me and knocks things over.I’ll sweep,get down on my hands and knees with a bristle brush,just anything to avoid this awful machine. Maybe part of it is when I was young we all had “lists” we had to do before we could go out on Saturdays. Yup.My first task was to vacuum(the whole house) That list went on and on. My two brothers had flimsy little lists and they were off! I think I have vacuuming PTSD. Have a great weekend! Cindy

  4. The noise of a vacuum cleaner makes me cringe – always has. The peace and quiet of home disappears while the machine roars.

  5. You’re too funny, I can so relate! I hate cleaning, what a waste of time and effort, the wind blows and everything is dusty again in 5 minutes. And I really resent having to pay hundreds of dollars for something that just sucks air and made of plastic… wish I had my moms old Electrolux canister from the 60’s, solid metal, easy to roll around, worked great and didn’t break the bank to buy one. But I guess the hair and thread are the byproducts of fabric @ 4foot’s love. Cheers!

  6. I really like the color combinations in this quilt Maria. I wonder if you have ever seen the blog out of Sweden? I think you might really like some of her color and pattern combinations, She has a room in her farmhouse that is has a floral magenta vintage coverlet with a really nice green complement , email me if you would like a link to it. Best, Nori

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