Frieda At Work, Outside My Window

frieda at work

I’m one of those people who gets to take her dog to work.  Every morning, teacup and computer in hand, I call to Frieda as I walk  out the back door to my School House Studio.  She always wants to come in and get her biscuit, but after a bit of  resting and grooming she walks to the door and I let her out into the dog run.  That’s when her real work begins, keeping an eye on the traffic, making sure to chase away anyone who dares to bicycle or walk in front of the house.  Frieda’s good at what she does.

3 thoughts on “Frieda At Work, Outside My Window

  1. I never thought of Frieda going to work with you, but of course, that is exactly what she KNOWS she is doing!! Dear Frieda is so fulfilled watching the road outside your studio. My dear Ellie “went to work with me” going to the barn to watch the chickens, making sure none got out as I fed and watered them. She did the same for the hogs. (and, wow, did she ever feel fulfilled a couple times when I forgot to close the gate on the hog pen and she stood guard!) Annie

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